In episode 40, the first episode of Homebrewed Christianity Season 2, we finally reveal the much anticipated ‘hypaliciousness’. Listen for the list of what is new this year for the podcast. The controversy over the new Emergent National Coordinator is settled, we share our plans for upcoming episodes, and tell our deacons about new ways to get involved.

The guest this week is very special to me, and not only because she founded the organization that employs me. The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham gives us hope that people of faith are starting to take climate change seriously. She founded Interfaith Power & Light convincing a handful of Episcopal churches in California to purchase wind energy.

Today, the organization represents 5,000 congregations in 29 states. Recently she received an honorary doctorate from Sewanee and was featured on The Weather Channel’s Forecast Earth Hot List, along with Google and T. Boone Pickens.

Visit to:

  • Pre-order Love God Heal Earth by the Rev. Canon Sally Bingham
  • Sign the Interfaith Call for Climate Action Petition to Barack Obama
  • Find out how to get involved locally
  • Subscribe to the IPLog, the blog of the Interfaith Power & Light campaign.