With the upcoming launch of the new Homebrewed Christianity website comes my new blogging endeavor. Since Tripp posted his blogolutions, I thought it would be fitting for my first post to include my own.


Tripp has chosen a question, a Gospel, a theologian, and a doctrine for the year. I think I’ll follow suit. I don’t have a theologian in mind yet though, so maybe someone can suggest one.

  1. Question: I accept Phyllis Tickle’s challenge to join ‘a sustained and prayerful conversation about exactly what we who are Christian in this time of emergence, hold as a working definition of emergence church/Church.’
  2. Gospel: Matthew
  3. Theologian:
  4. Doctrine: Creation


  1. For the podcast, check out Tripp’s post because he shares the goals we’ve talked about for this year. To these, I will only add that I want to make it more interactive between Homebrewed Christianity Deacons. So we’ll be thinking of action items for calls, emails, comments on posts, and any other way of participating in the discussion. We might set up a forum to keep discussing topics beyond the podcast episodes themselves.
  2. It would be fun to record some videos of me, Tripp, and some of our other blogger friends responding to one another in ongoing conversations. Along the lines of creating curriculum for small groups that Tripp mentioned, we also want to make a video that can be used to help start a conversation in a small group.

Those are my blogolutions. For my resolutions:

  1. Draft a personal Rule of Life and engage in consistent spiritual practices.
  2. Learn to rock climb.
  3. Pay off all of my debt (excluding student loans).