I have been thinking a bit about what I should do with the blog in 2009. I had a bunch of ideas but decided that I would pick a few things and try to post on them 20 times during the year. Who knows how this will work out, but in my head it is a good idea. So here’s the year long topics in the best of all possible blogging worlds.

1.  Question of the Year:  What is Religion?
2.  Gospel of the Year: Matthew
3. Theologian of the Year: Paul Tillich
4. Doctrine of the Year: Ecclesiology

Well that would be 80 posts of seemingly decent content. In addition I will post on current events and not just think ‘that would be a funny blog post.’ I am going to be intentional about using the “posts brewing elsewhere” sidebar to point toward cool posts out and about, so check them out.

As for media posts, I am thinking of posting a new song each month. I have received a couple requests of covers, so maybe I will give that a try. If I can think of something to blab about I want to try to video blog. I envisioned a little video post where I try to spin an idea around and see what kind of response I get. Maybe I could even do it as a character or something. Who knows if that will happen or go anywhere

I am going to aim for 42 episodes of the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast this year. Just how the time investment necessary will work while being in the middle of a PhD program is anyone’s guess, but Chad and I will do our best. As for just what the HBC will do stay tuned for 09 hype, but you are welcome to send us topic or guest suggestions. I have five goals for the podcast this year.

1. Create a smallhousepub group or sunday school class curriculum and test it out with some HBC deacons in their faith communities. Holla if you are interested. I think this format might get the HBC word out to more people.

2. Do at least one podcast with Chad in person while drinking his Homebrew.

3. Expand the theological diversity of our guests. For some reason more conservative theologians and biblical scholars reject Chad and I. I don’t know if it is because we use the metaphor of brewing or because we have had plenty of more progressive guests. Well some have said the second in email, but none the less, I will try.

4. Continue to attempt to get NT Wright on the podcast. Perseverance of invitation. For some reason 20k podcast listeners and a read-up fan to interview you just doesn’t get the Bishop of Durham to bite. Maybe I should move on to Rowan Williams?

5. Have my favorite theological bloggers on the podcast. Gordon Atkinson, Anthony Smith and Leron Shults were a bunch of fun, so this year I want to do more. Any suggestions? I was thinking of Ben Myers, James McGrath, Andy Rowell, Scot McKnight, Ben Witherington, Jason Clark, and Michael L. Westmoreland-White.

Well there are my Blog-o-lutions. As for my resolutions, I have two.
1. Get to my high school graduation weight. The last two degrees I earned brought with them plenty of excess weight. Since graduating Divinity school I have managed to loose 65 pounds. If I can keep it off and drop 25 more pounds this year I will be back to my high school size with just enough on the love handles for Alecia to pull me in for a big smooch.

2. Ween Elgin and let him hangout with his grandparents for a whole week while Mom and Dad go somewhere with shotty cell phone reception, no internet, only one theology book (to read while Alecia is sleeping) and a fireplace for cuddling.