The HBC Advent Podcast series keeps picking up more steam by the episode.  This week is the first of two podcasts that focus on the theological background of Advent, namely the Incarnation.  LeRon Shults is hopefully a familiar name to all those in the blog-o-sphere, because he regularly reveals goodness on the net.  In this conversation we discuss a theme developed in a recent book, Christology and Science, the incarnation in dialogue with evolutionary biology. If you are intrigued by conversation tune in next time when we talk to John Cobb for another perspective on the incarnation.  Also below there is a link to a variety of responses to Leron’s book and his replies.  If something gets your attention in this episode, like his rejection of the virgin birth or AdamEve’s historicity as necessary to preserve the full humanity of Jesus, then check the responses out where he explores the criticisms from a variety of perspectives.


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