Ed Cyzewski joins us this week on the HBC podcast, fresh off his whirlwind blog tour for his newest book ‘Coffee House Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life.’  I blogged about the book previously, so I will just say that Ed keeps getting cooler in my mind and this interview was tons of fun, SO much fun I had to edit about an hour and a half of it out. As you will hear in the interview, Ed and I are far apart from each other along traditional baptist dividing lines, yet we had a passionate and engaging conversation about theology, mission, and his book.  I am very grateful to have talked with Ed and am glad to have him as a Baptimergent friend. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

I would also like to thank baptimergent Dave from South Carolina for giving the HBC podcast a super shout out. Keep on brother. We appreciate feedback from our listeners, even if you deduct a star from our rating on itunes because we do not always use complete sentences. Thanks for caring enough to listen and respond. Brew On!

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