John Dominic Crossan is making a return visit to the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast and this time I want your questions.  Crossan was gracious enough to commit to an interview focused around his book co-authored with Marcus Borg, The First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus’ Birth.  On top of coming back he has agreed let our audience direct the conversation with questions.  If you have a question for Crossan on his book, scripture, Christmas, advent, incarnation, and other such appropriate topics CALL in to the HBC message center and leave them.  If you do, you may find yourself on an upcoming episode of Homebrewed Christianity. (Call: 678-590-BREW)

If getting to engage a world famous biblical scholar wasn’t enough, then there is more.  The best question for Crossan questioner will receive (via the mail) their very own copy of The First Christmas to have or share with a friend and say, ‘check this out. I liked it but had a question I had to ask him, and I did on HOMEBREWED CHRISTIANITY. (Call:678-590-BREW)

Here’s Crossan’s first HBC visit where he discusses his book ‘God and Empire.’ (Call: 678-590-BREW)