Ed Cyzewski is not only cool because he is a Baptimergent, but he has done something many people will benefit from, namely he wrote a great book for a wide audience. His new book ‘Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life’ is actually readable for people without graduate degrees in theology.  Now, I know that isn’t hard to believe for your average book in the Christian book section at Borders, but for one that is packed full of good content, inspiring moments, and actual faith-filled passion, it is.  Ed’s book is a work in contextual theology for evangelicals interested in a conversation about theology that broadens and deepens the landscape of the evangelical community.  Outside of laying out a clear exposition of contextual theology and equipping the reader to turn on their own theological imagination, the book addresses two areas from a unique perspective.  As many theologically interested people know we are in the middle of a Trinitarian revival of sorts and Ed not only joins the revival but talks intelligibly about the Trinity (as in your friend who keeps rolling their eyes when you bring it up could understand it as a substantive and positive contribution to theology).  He does this by developing a rich missional approach to theology and examining how it is informed by God’s own nature.  Ed’s missional focus is on the forefront throughout the book as he discusses other topics like scripture or culture.  I just finished the book and know a number of people who would enjoy it, so check it out.  If you have read the book, are interested in missional thinking or contextual theology, or wonder just what kind of coffee Ed drinks when he is talking theology, send me your question and I will be sure to ask it when I interview him for Homebrewed Christianity next week.

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