Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and Shane Claiborne do those of us who struggle to live the life of an ordinary radical a favor in their new book ‘Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers: Prayer for Ordinary Radicals.’  In this inspirational feast of stories, prayers from church history, and biblical invitations to prayer this dynamic neo-monastic duo encourages and empowers the reader to take the risky journey into prayer, a journey that can make you a radical.  The book is organized around three famous prayers from the New Testament, the Lord’s Prayer, John 17, and Ephesians 1:15-23 and in each section the passages are expostied and the reader is invited into the prayer of the text as the prayer starts to shape your imagination.  The treasure of the book is how simply these two brothers are able to connect a life of prayer to a life of radical faith in our world that is not in need of actionless prayer or unispired action.