Phyllis Tickle‘s newest book, ‘The Great Emergence,’ just came out and it is worth the wait.  It was one of the books I pre-ordered on amazon, so its arrival was a welcome surprise.  I have been looking forward to this book since I first met Phyllis and her husband Sam at an event put on by Fred Burnham and the ISL where she gave a preview of the book.

I wasn’t very sleepy last night and so I decided to read the book straight through.  I may have other things to say about it later, but I thought it would be good to let you all know it is well worth reading and avoiding a couple hours of sleep to process.

If you want to get a full-power Tickle book teaser, go check out her conversation (video here) from the Southeast Regional Gathering, listen to her three-part podcast at Nick and Josh, and then think about going to the national EV event on the book in Memphis.  Can you think of a better weekend than Beale St. and Tickle?  When you registrar help Adam out, enter pomo, and get him there free.