This is again a quote from Moltmann‘s ‘The Spirit of Life.’  The distinction between freedom ‘from’ and freedom ‘for’ something is important for Christians to recognize or else the freedom we have in God may amount to a transaction or a spiritual enlightenment and not being freed to join the God Movement in our God’s world.

“To what is freedom’s hope directed? ‘How much more,’ Paul often says, when he thinking about ‘freedom from….but is talking about ‘freedom for….’ How much greater is the future than the past!  How much greater is God’s grace than the sins of men and women!  How much more is freedom in its own world than mere liberation from slavery!  It is true that in history we experience, it is easier to name the negative thing from which we want to be freed than the positive thing for which we hope to be free.  But it is hope for the greater future which leads us to ever new experiences in history.  That is the surplus of hope in life, and the added value of the future in history.” (120)

Ohh and yes this is for you cathyrn.