A new X-Files Movie!!!!!!!!  I was a fan of the Mytharc Episodes but
any X-Files episode with Mulder and Scully is better than anything I watch on TV now.

Jesse Helms died and this dude said no to lowering the flag.   I have been in NC for a long time and his racist influence still lingers even in young people, so I completely understand why he didn’t want to lower the flag for such a divisive figure.  Bono evangelized Jesse after he left office and got him to change his position on HIV\AIDS in Africa, though he didn’t change his mind on HIV\AIDS in the USA.

Hauerwas to vote for Obama, will his Mafia join too?

Jesse Jackson wants to cut off Obama’s nuts over hisfaithbased initiativeplatform.   While Jesse put his foot in his mouth, if he was just venting how frustrated Obama’s faith-based initiative program is then I agree….with out the cutting part.

This is a great idea, but who would you want to write for Bonhoeffer?

Derek Webb’s new video is AWESOME and you can get the whole CD for free.

Anthony Smith starts to recap his time at Cornorstone. (pt.2)  Who wouldn’t want to hangout with Volf for a week.

God has answered a prayer, Phillip Clayton has started blogging and starts off with a top tier post (READ IT).  Now if we can get at least one post a week.

Then, Now and Not Yet: Biblical Reflections with Phyllis Trible and Walter Harrelson@ Wake Forest University Divinity School.  This entire video is well worth your time.

God Not Offended By Authentic African Worship

Justin, I too think about the theology of prayers when I hear them

Now I want to read this.

Alternative July 4th Celebrations.  Shane Claiborne has some good thoughts, but I did this if that counts.