It is good to be back.  Chad and I missed a week but were able to record an intro on the one day we were both at home.  Hopefully you all listened to the Nick and Josh Podcast this past week where they interview Dr. Peter Rollins and reveal some of our endorsements.

This week we are joined agian, as promised back in episode 7, by E. Scott Jones. E. Scott Jones is a  philosopher, blogger, and minister at the Cathedral of Hope in Oklahoma City and has a PhD in Philosophy from Oklahoma University.  Last we used audio from a lecture he gave at WFUDS and said he would be back to answer your questions and rock it out in a dialogue.  Below are links from the episode.

– The Ethiopian Eunuch Sermon here

Go here for Scott’s sermons from the Romans series and the Easter Zingger!

– Ok Rep. Sally Kearn’srecent debacle has gone all around. Here is Scott Jones talking to Sally Kearn on TV, it is something.

This week is the first one that I did all the tech stuff and well it wasn’t easy but should be easier next time.  The interview and intro totaled 1:45 so I did some significant editing. I may update the post with the other 22 minutes of the interview if I get inspired.