The Church Basement Roadshow is traveling around the nation this summer. This week you will hear Professor Hawthorne (Tony Jones, author of The New Christians) and Brother Duke (Doug Pagitt, author of A Christianity Worth Believing) barnstorm Homebrewed Christianity. The CBR has a blog now at where they will be uploading videos and all sort of revival goodness, like the Professor strumming out a revival song. Chad and I were unprepared for the high volume of revival power these two brothers were going to bring, but luckily we used some 21st century technology to edit out being struck dumb by the 1908 revival spirit.

This is an awesome, fun, and enticing interview that I think you all will enjoy. Not only will you have to pull off the side of the road and get right with God, but you will begin to have a hankering for a big chunk of lettuce covered in the Balm of Gilead.

UPDATE: If you are a part of a team hosting a stop on the revival, Chad made a little audio add with the Professor and Brother Duke inviting everyone to come.  Feel free to download it and use it to help spread the word of this train of hope-filled glory making its may across the country.