Reformed and Charismatic types talk about emergent and demonstrate a predicament I am hoping gets more air when Phyllis Tickle‘s new book comes out.  Namely that many of the traditional spheres of the church will be re-traditioning and while they will not be Emergent they are part of the great emergence here in the Western Church and have benefited from the extremely generous spirit of the full-blooded Emergents where the different spheres collide (Tickle Podcasts 1,2,3,4, 5, 6).  I played the idea out using the metaphor of organic farming (get it here in a ruff form).

Here’s what I want Phyllis to answer for me.  In the West what role does the change to more and different dominate human world pictures have in the great emergence?  I saw this video of Ken Wilber talking about a ‘third-way’ politics using his color-coded system he appropriated from Clare Graves.   The interplay between the colors as described here in politics resonate with the politics of all the change in the church and some of the tension between all that is emerging.  Is there some relationship between this ‘third-way’ conversation and the emergent ‘third-way’ conversation?

Other Hotness

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