In an article entitled, ‘ Small Is the New Big in Progressive Politics’ at the Huffington Post Rob McKay and Ori Brafman (The Starfish and the Spider) discuss new campaign tactics that progressives are seeking to employ.  What I found most interesting is that their prime example of what they are going for was the ’emerging house church movement.’  Later in the article they give three main features of their new organizational strategy taken from the house church movement:

1. Shared values rather than on autocratic rule.

2. Peer circles, rather than as a large, rigid, top-down hierarchy.

3. Leading through inspiration rather than by formal authority, allowing, but not forcing, others to follow them.

Striking differencs between the mission of an emergent community and a political party can not be overlooked

– more than the get-out-the-vote tactic must change….maybe everything

– we need more than a platform worth believing in the voting booth, but a faith worth giving our lives to

Red and Blue are too patriotic divisive so we go with purple

Most Importantly, We agree that there is an outsourcing problem in America.  The biggest loss however is not economic but ecclesial. The New Christians are not gathering to rally up our friends to get in a box on  judgment election day having prepared with the right chick track voter’s guide and pass the True\False Rep.\Dem. box checking test so we may have voter confidence in our future or consolation that we did what we could when Bush part three enters the White House.  The emergent Christians I know don’t need a new Messianic figure and don’t think ‘hope and change’ will arrive because we get the right president (though I will be voting for Clinton and\or Obama).  We gather because we want to make friends, share in open and honest conversations, encourage each other to find God’s reconciling presence at work in the world every day, and more fully live in the gracious and liberating way of Jesus more deeply.