Here is Elgin and I at the beach. I am sporting my new pipe which is a meerschaum hand-carved in the shape of a pirate’s head. The pirate could be taken as Black Beard, but despite sporting an eye patch, pipe, and skull marked pirate cap, his beard is white. So what am I to name this new friend of mine? Not Black Beard but White Beard the PoMo Pirate.

This combination of North Carolina‘s most renown pirate and my favorite philosopher came to me and I decided to take a book of Whitehead’s I have yet to read to the beach with me, Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead. While on the beach I sat in my chair, smoked White Beard, and read Whitehead. The book is a series of actual dialogues that take place at Whitehead’s home late in his life, so reading it with a little imagination put me in his home for some of those late night conversations where friends discuss all of life’s plaguing questions. Very similar to an Emergent Cohort.

The book, conversation with Whitehead and White beard was so intriguing I decided to collect a few of my favorite bits and post them the next few days. I’m calling them Whiteheadian Witticisms.

UPDATE: Alecia posted new pictures of the family from the beach and her graduation from Wake Forest University Divinity School (where she was top of her class!!!).  This is the best blog post ever!