Tuesday May 6th we will be having our primary here in NC so decided to record and post this song. Ever since 9-11 fear has been such a key element of politics in America and has funded a good deal of violence. I have not thought the same about violence, war, and Christian participation in it since 9-11 and have been on a bit of a theological journey, but regardless of where you are now, have been , will be I hope we can agree that as Christians are vocation is to be God’s peacemakers. As peacemakers I can’t imagine being controlled by fear and even feeling better about our place in the world because as a nation we are at war. I can’t imagine it, but I know the feeling too well.

btw: I use a dirty word in the song so don’t listen if you don’t want to hear it. I think i use it theologically but now you know it is there.

Peace of War