This week’s episode is flat-out super sweet.  John Dominic Crossan is our guest and we spend most of the time talking about ideas surrounding his newest solo book, God and Empire.  Crossan was in town for a lecture series put on by WFU divinity school and Centenary United Methodist here in Winston Salem.  I was very grateful that Crossan returned my email and set aside an hour to talk to me.  In person his passion for his faith and hope for the church is evident and inspiring.  If you are lookin’ for more Crossan he has a bunch of books and his living the questions small group dvd series are worth checking out.

We have a new call-in message line for out listeners: 678-590-BREW.  Call in and holla at us.  We got a couple copies of Crossan’s book God and Empire to share for someone who calls and does one of these three things:

1. Your Best Nick & Josh Impersonation

2. Tell us what weapon we should use in a podcast turf war against the N\J wet towels and mace

3. Anything that makes us laugh or a comment of how cute my baby boy, Elgin, looks with Crossan.

Crossan, Elgin, and Tripp