E. Scott Jones is a minister at the Cathedral of Hope in Oklahoma City and has a PhD in Philosophy from Oklahoma University. His lecture ‘The Theology of Pizzazz’ (here in text) was recorded at Table Talk, a student group Chad and I helped start while we were at Wake Forest University Divinity School. In the lecture he discusses Al Mohler’s comments on the gay gene, the born gay argument, the question of identity in the LGBT community, the connection of freedom and diversity in Christian theology with the LGBT community, and some commentary on Ok Rep. Sally Kearn’srecent debacle. Here is Scott Jones talking to Sally Kearn on TV, it is something.

Scot said he would do in interview with us in an upcoming podcast so it is our hope that our listeners will email us some questions to use. Anything that is asked in a respectful way is fair game. We don’t expect everyone to agree with Scott, since he does like Hauerwas too much, but after hearing his lecture the discussion may be framed in a way it normally isn’t in the church. Scott is a great dude and I am pretty confident that we can have a conversation with a character that isn’t often found in the church’s discussion.

Homebrewed Christianity has a phone number: 678-590-BREW.  So call the number and leave your question for Scott or well anything you want us to hear.  If it is interesting and clean we will try to put it in upcoming podcasts.

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