Dr. Tupper and I are doing a conversation on eschatology in the intro. theology class at WFUDS tomorrow and these two quotes are pulled out of his book.  I may write out my notes and post them later this week.

The vision of an eschatological tomorrow on the other side of death stretches the imagination to the limits and beyond, leaving the reflection of the mind in glimmering disarray. The imagination can only glimpse and thought can only stammer the mystery of the morning after death. Yet the language of eschatological hope is not unlike all language about God: God-talk is odd-talk. So eschatological dreaming breaks the boundaries of human language, it defies the reach of the loftiest conceptualization, and it exceeds the vistas of the most extraordinary imagination. The vision of the kingdom of God is a vision of hope, hope against hope, hope beyond hope. The God-talk of hope and the hope-talk of God is odd-talk, finally the stuttering of faith in the future of “God” who “is love” (428).

When the awesome depths of God’s love revealed in the death of the crucified Jesus truly grasps us, the stunning creativity of God in the sheer wonder of the resurrection of the dead Jesus irrepressibly continues to captivate us. Thereafter we live believing and faltering in the joyful foolishness of eschatological dreaming…Jesus of Nazareth, Child of God and Brother to us all, the story of Jesus encircling and encompassing us in the glad Welcome of the coming kingdom of God. . . . an eschatological hope that God continues to sustain in the strength of weakness, a hope scandalously vulnerable to ridicule within the conventional wisdom of this world (429-430).

E. Frank Tupper, A Scandalous Providence