So Chad‘s Macbook died while we were trying to upload the newest podcast.  He is getting a new one with his hard drive mirrored onto it, so once the people at the mac store hook him up we will hook you up.  Until then check out some web hotness and  remember not to use you macbook in a humid environment.

New Pictures of my baby boy, Elgin Thomas Fuller , tell me how cute he is

Greg Boyd on Eckhart Tolle (I read the book last week and think he is right on)

Zach gets some lectio out for the Ipod and hollas in on the Emergent Language Game

Church History set to music in 2.5 minutes

Aaron discusses Creeds and Credalism

Trucker Frank and Tony Jones hit the computer screen

I found Philip Clayton posted a bunch of theology articles on his web page

Andrew needs someone to set help him admit only an emergent person would write this post.

Scot is blogging through Klyne’s new book on the parables.  I just started the book and boy is it fun to read.

Steve reflects on the post-congregatonal people