This was an awesome conversation Chad and I had with Brian McLaren. We talk a bit about his Deep Shift tour and his most recent book (Everything Must Change), but mostly we talk about how to understand the kingdom of God and its relationship to the church today. It was a ton of fun and we are very grateful to Brian for getting on the phone with us. The conversation was the Monday after Easter so we end up getting sidetracked and discuss Easter and its significance for us today.

I wanted to put a poll in the post seeing who thinks a presidential candidate with Jesus as their preacher could win, but I apparently can’t get one of these plugins to work.  So instead I want to again offer Rush Limbaugh the opportunity to talk to Chad and I.  We would even make sure at least half the interview was about cigars.  After you listen to Brian you will hear why you should have him on your show. So Rush, holla back and we can talk.