A little over a year ago I read through all three volumes of Pannenberg’s Systematic Theology. I can attest that there is no experience like non-stop Pannenberg throughout a summer. Because it was so much work I decided that I would go through him again and write summaries of different doctrines, this time having read the three volumes once before. Below is how I am planning on organizing them, but that may change. Any way, if you have read Pannenberg and have some feed back share it. If you are interested and want to read Pannenberg don’t start with his Systematic Theology, but either Jesus: God and Man, his classic Christology from below that created a way beyond the Bultmann \ Barth divide or Theology and the Kingdom of God because it is my favorite book of his and every theologically minded person should read it. If you are interested and have a question send it and maybe I can try to answer it or find someone who can. So tomorrow an introduction.


Revelation pt1, pt2, pt3

Trinity pt1, pt2, pt3

Creation pt1, pt2, pt3

Anthropology pt1, pt2, pt3

Christology pt1, pt2, pt3

Eschatology pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5, pt6, pt7

Divine Action pt1, pt2

Responses or something of the sort pt1,