So this new site is a little experiment. I have been wanting to figure out how to do more on the web, so this will be where I learn as I go. There are a few things I plan on attempting, but since I am figuring out as I go it may not be pretty. Nick helped me out with some ideas through some convo at the deep shift conference and so I went with wordpress and bluehost. The theme I am using is designed by Adam @ the pomomusings blog. We will see how long it takes me to figure stuff out, but here are somethings I want to figure out.

– podcasting (try number one)

– video entries from my macbook

– posting original music to download for free

– having a password protected area for the youth group I work with

– figuring out how to edit these themes and posts so they are so boring.

– figuring out how to make little graphics to use in blogposts

– there are probably some more, maybe an amazon page with my reviews and recommendations under them or something

Well if you have resources that may help holla at me.