Alright, for some reason listening to the AAR audio while I played Star Wars Battle Front lead me to some confusion. A 2.5 hour lecture is tough when you can’t see the panel’s beautiful faces, so I listened while electronically taking over the Death Star. Any way I thought I heard Scot tell Tony that he had a Swisher Sweet when he was outside smoking and just the mention of the cigar that should not be named bothers me. It is like a divinity student telling you their favorite ‘translation’ of the Bible is the Living paraphrase. BUT, I guess I did not have ears to hear Scot’s true words quoted below. Scot displays just how a true emerging cigar smoker responds to the idea of a Swisher Sweets:
@23:50 into the conversation audio……
Scot is telling a story about reading a book and bird watching and Tony inerrupts with a question.
TOny: ‘Did you have anything in your right hand?
Scot: ‘Like a cigar?’
Tony: ‘yeah’
Scot: ‘I don’t know, a good one. Not a cheap one like a Swisher Sweet,’

Amen Hallelujah.

My APOLOGY: Scot I am sorry for not listening well and questioning your emerging cigar status. It appears that with Blue Jeans, a real cigar, and the best blog out there you could be more emerging than Tony. Clearly you emerge past me who was distracted from listening to your voice well because of a violent video game and my radical othering of Swisher Sweets.