I got tagged by Andrew in the thinking blogger meme. My job is to tag 5 blogs that get my head moving. I guess I am not suppose to tag Andrew since he tagged me, but you should still check his out if you haven’t.

1. Pop Theology: This is blog by a couple theology and culture Phd students. One of them, Ryan Parker is not only super-sweet but does actual theological reflection of film. The kind of reflection you won’t take just to youth group, but to actual discussion with adults.

2. The Parish: This is Greg Horton’s blog. It is always interesting and candid. He often says what I would say if I had the fortitude he did. The comments are also good on his blog.

3. Knightopia: Steve is not only a passionate christian but greatly underestimates his own ability to think theologically. Not only that but he is actually a thinker and nice at the same time, something I try to emulate.

4. Greensboro Abbey: Zach’s journaling here is exciting and refreshing for many of us baptists who freak out when we read most baptist theology blogs. Though it’s a new blog, it is very engaging for the reader.

5. Leron Shults: I always think when Leron speaks. After reading through Pannenberg’s Systematic Theology last summer I have been attracted to his students who are working for a more postmodern theology and since he has a blog he is my favorite.

Alrighty there you have. Go, Read, Think