This was not the first time Patrick and I had this conversation. He left a small rural town and showed up at the University with a Gideon’s Bible in his glove compartment, the Roman’s road written on a note card in his wallet, hundreds of Contemporary Christian CD’s that sound just like ‘the real thing,’ and a Bible drill training that would make any youth minister proud. He didn’t bring his Bible or a track to our meeting this time, just the same question he had asked before but this time I think he meant it. “I never knew people like this existed. I mean I don’t even know what to do. There are so many lost people and I don’t even know how to help them find the truth or…I mean I can’t even figure out where they are and what they are looking for or even what their questions mean. At this point I am beginning to wonder if I am not as lost as they are…. Where is God here? Why isn’t the good news good enough? Do you know what I mean?”

I do.