April 14th I am starting a new endeavor, Kin-dom Nexus. Basically I am going to organize “more-intimate-than-a” conference type things with authors and artists. The goal is to create more conversational engagement between people, which is code for talking about things that matter while having fun. On April 14th will be Kin-dom Nexus part One with Len Sweet. He is calling the conversation “Remix and Reboot: Becoming Jesus’ Church in the 21st Century.” If you are interested or would pretend to be because you don’t want Tripp’s first attempt to be his last, then registrar on the website. There are flyers and things on the website if you feel like proselytizing Christians into coming, so maybe the church will be less dodo in the future. If you bring friends then I could hook you up with a free pass, so check it out and join the ranks if it sounds interesting.