This is a sweet picture of Zach and I hanging with Scot McKnight and Tony Jones this weekend at our conversation weekend we put on. The weekend was awesome and I will post some mp3s of the conversations and talk about them then, once I get a new chord that wont’ hiss at me. For now I wanted to let you in on a vision of the emergent eschatological banquet. Friends talking about theology and enjoying fantastic Rockey Patel cigars. Scot and I had Vintage 1990 Churchills, which are among the greatest things on God’s planet. Zach and Tony had the Rockey Patel ‘Edge’ series which are a little cheaper than the 90, but still has the complex smoke Rockey’s are known for. The best thing about a Rockey, outside of being served at the eschatological banquet, is the fullness of flavor without the gigantic amount of nicotine from similar cigars, say a Comacho. Any way, if you wondered what the emerging heaven looks like here it is. If we ever cross paths and you want to visit this anticipatory reality let me know, I will most likely be packing cigars and can create an ‘opt out’ situation for you. P.S. The reference to Spencer Burke’s eschatology is in no way an endorsement. Save your money and buy Moltmann’s eschatology.