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Join Tripp as he takes us on a tour of varieties of Postmodern Theology . . . Here is what we will cover . . . 

1) Frank Tupper and Reconstructing God

Tupper has developed a rather robust account of divine providence in his ambitious text “A Scandalous Providence.”  In this article he gives a constructive account of the divine attributes after having worked through the doctrine. It serves as an example of postmodern theology which ends in the reconstructive task.

2) David Ray Griffin and Constructive Postmodernism

In these rather succinct lectures DRG gives an alternative understanding of the postmodern situation in which his process philosophy facilitates new avenues of constructive theology. Plus he talks about Demons and the church! DRG is a model of those who see the PoMo challenge as one that can be addressed metaphysically. The theologian is then to do their constructive work attentive to the new philosophy.

3) Catherine Keller and Theopoetics

These two articles give a taste of the poetic fury Keller takes to traditional theological doctrines. We will examine how she unmasks the perversion of power running through the traditional accounts of our beginnings and endings - creation and eschatology. 

4) Eberhard Jungel and Hermeneutical Theology

Jungel represents the rich inheritance of the German theological tradition. Hermeneutical theology developed from thinkers as diverse as Bultmann, Bonhoeffer, Barth and Ebeling with a specific focus on the event. Jungel’s theology represents a radical Lutheran voice which insists that God cannot and should not be subject to the confines of “god” in modernity.

A vibrant approach to a contemporary theological framework that doesn't require a complete overhaul of your already existing faith.
Is Process too big of a leap?
Does Radical Theology provide too little substance?
Is Practical Theology just too darn practical?
Looking for a robust, thoroughly-Christian theological framework for the 21st century?
Then have we got an offer for you! 
This June and July we want to engage is a conversation about science, technology, other religions and the limits of language – while constructing a fully up-to-date version of Christian belief!
Don't worry about Heidegger, Hegel or Kant – plenty has already been said about them – this is an intelligent conversation about the here-and-now of Christian thought.
Our main text will be Theology at the End of Modernity: Essays in Honor of Gordon D. Kaufman – Sheila Greeve Davaney (Editor)

Each of the 5 sections of the book has 3 essays. Each week we will focus on 2 of those essays with Tripp taking one to explore and Bo concentrating on another. We will also supply supplemental material each week on the course website.

All for $30!

Sign up – order your book – and get ready for the goodness!

PDFs of course material will begin going out May.

Peter Rollins and I may not be able to do atheism for lent this year because we are going to be reading the Apostle Paul... along with some philosophers who are into Paul. You should think about joining us in this High Gravity online class. It's over 10 hours of geekdom streamed to your computer on the cheap.

The class will begin on March 2nd with a Paul & the Bible 'teach-in' with NT Professor Daniel Kirk. Daniel is a popular podcast guest, Fuller Seminary Professor and author of Jesus have I loved but Paul? During the extended session we will look at Paul historically and examine articles by NT Wright and Stanley K. Stowers.

The following week we will begin our close reading of three different political philosophers engagement with Paul. In the second session we will look at Jacob Taubes' seminal work The Political Theology of Paul. His lectures were what paved the way for two of the most talked about texts in political philosophy. In weeks 3 and 4 we will walk through Alain Badiou's Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism. In weeks 5 and 6 we will do a close reading of Slavoj Zizek's The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity.

The class includes over 10 hours of live-streamed nerdiness for just 30 bucks. Each session will be a live streamed video-cast w/ some introductory remarks about the thinkers, conversational walkthrough the texts, and interaction with the participants. Following the session it will be available for download on the class page along with links to the archived video, supplemental reading material, and the class discussion board. Each session will begin at 6pm pst (9pm est).

Here is a list of Sessions with their dates:

Session 1 - Bible Teach-In: Paul and the Bible with Daniel Kirk, March 2

Session 2 - Paul & Taubes, March 9 

Session 3 - Paul & Baidou, March 16

Session 4 - Paul & Baidou, March 23

Session 5 - Paul and Zizek, March 30

Session 6 - Paul and Zizek, April 6

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Picture of David Phillips
Watch a live interaction with John Caputo!
by David Phillips - Monday, 4 November 2013, 1:39 PM

"The Insistence of God" has been released, we have run a blog tour this past month, and now it is time to hang out with Jack Caputo online. We shall be talking with Jack, asking him your questions, chatting on the message board, and having ourselves a nerdy time.

The day of the party a link will be posted below to the live video stream page. So grab your friends, your favorite brew, and get ready for the fun.


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