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Paul has made a comeback. Gone are the days when Christians say they are in to Jesus but aren't sure about Paul. Biblical studies is leaving the Law vs Gospel Paul behind for the 'New Perspective' and even atheist philosophers insist Paul has remedies for our political situation!

In this High Gravity Peter Rollins & Tripp Fuller will tackle Paul by engaging 5 different philosophers, contemporary Biblical scholarship and theological interpreters packed into 12 hours of content!

Each session will focus on the thinker of the week and the downloadable readings. In order to cover all the material we are going to have five 90 minute sessions covering an individual philosopher and two "teach-ins" over two and a half hours, the first on the Bible and the second on Theology. 

As member of the class you will be able to:

- download all the readings & submit your questions

- live stream each session

- download the audio of each session afterward

- participate in the class message board

- learn sweet stuff about Paul...Heidegger, Taubes, Badiou, Zizek and more.

Class Sessions: (* & bold = 2.5 hour teach-in)

*3/2*, 3/9, 3/23, *3/30*, 4/6, 4/13

3/2 is the Bible Teach-In w/ guest NT scholar Daniel Kirk

3/30 is the Theology Teach-In. There will be specialness present.

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Picture of David Phillips
Watch a live interaction with John Caputo!
by David Phillips - Monday, 4 November 2013, 1:39 PM

"The Insistence of God" has been released, we have run a blog tour this past month, and now it is time to hang out with Jack Caputo online. We shall be talking with Jack, asking him your questions, chatting on the message board, and having ourselves a nerdy time.

The day of the party a link will be posted below to the live video stream page. So grab your friends, your favorite brew, and get ready for the fun.


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